Mechanical Seal

  • Mechanical Seal

We manufacture a wide range of Mechanical shaft seals backed by over three decade of experience and expertise in Sealing Technology. We manufacture highly efficient and reliable Mechanical seals for Centrifugal Pumps, Turbine Pumps, Mixers, Agitators, Autoclaves, Compressors, Jet/Beam Dyeing machines and other equipments having rotating shafts. Our mechanical seals are serving the needs of Chemical processing, Petro-chemical processing, Oil & Natural Gas, Fertilizer, Solvent Extraction, Power Generation, Textile processing and other industries.


Mechanical Seals

  • Mechanical Seals

Further more we Supplies various types of elastomer bellows or diaphragm single and double non-pusher seals, single coil pusher seals, multiple springs pusher seals, multiple springs PTFE wedge pusher seals, PTFE bellows seals, and cartridge seals, which are interchangeable to equivalent Burgmann, BT, Fristam, John Crane, Latty, Pac-seal, Roten, Sealol, and US Seal brant products. For specific mechanical seals not listed in this brouchure, please contact us for availability and customizing possibility.