Carbon and Graphite Products

  • Carbon & Graphite Products

We Supplies custom made Carbon Seals, Carbon Face parts, Carbon Shaft Sleeves, and Carbon Bearings also Carbon Strips in (Resin Impregnated and Metalic Impregnated Grade) by using Schunk Grades (West Germany) as below attached datasheets with prompt delivery. We also supply Mechanical Carbon Blanks (Resin Impregnated and Metalic Impregnated Grade).


Sealing Bearing

  • Carbon & Graphite Sealing & Bearing

We make them available in various designs, shapes and sizes. Our graphite sealing rings range has close dimensional tolerance and is apt for usage as a part of mechanical seals in general utility pumps, water pumps and chemical pumps. The carbon sealing rings, we supply, are used as the wear face of various mechanical seals for the sealing of fluids in all types of industries. Carbon & graphite seal faces are compatible with a wide range of other counter faces also. So, these qualities of our products have made us one of the most reliable graphite sealing rings manufacture and suppliers in India.


Carbon Packing For Turbine

  • Carbon Packing Ring for Turbine (Segmental Carbon Rings)

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Carbon Packing For Turbine which is widely used in gas, water and steam turbines. The gland rings, we are offering, find extensive application in power plants, electricity boards, textiles, cement and sugar industries. These gland rings are used to seal low pressure fans & blowers, steam turbine gas turbines, impulse and water turbines. These are used as piston rings in compressors as piston rod packing in various components of guide rings, pistons and piston rings. Furthermore, these are also used to seal liquids and gases, which restrict the leakage.


Carbon Vanes

  • Carbon Vanes

We provide different types of Carbon Vanes for various types of Vacuum Pumps. The following features of our Carbon Graphite Vanes are:
Self lubricating properties, Low specific density, Non reactive
They find an assortment of application in diverse areas such as rotary pumps that are used for water, petrol, fuel OILSand other liquids. They are also efficiently used in dry and wet rotary pumps, compressors and vane type vacuum pumps.


Carbon Piston Rings

  • Carbon Piston Rings

We are one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Packing Rings. These are carbon gland packing rings and piston rings that are used in the sealing of liquids and gases, restricting leakage to a minimum. Our professionals make sure that the range is in compliance with the exact specifications provided by the clients.


Carbon Brushes

  • Carbon Brushes

We manufacture carbon Brushes from world's best material. Carbon Brushes are widely used in D.C, Slipring Motors & Alternators carbon is good current collector. So they smoothly supply the current. We are particular in selecting the proper grades for proper application to avoid sparking, breakdowns & lengthen the life of carbon brushes.